Sponsors & Donors

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WYSS Foundation

Pacific County Lodging Tax Award  •  City of Long Beach, WA Lodging Tax Award

Year after year, a coterie of volunteers steps up to make our event happen. The Board of the Water Music Festival owes a huge thanks to all of these businesses and individuals!


With the goal of populating each venue with live music, the Water Music Festival Board enthusiastically applauds these gardeners, some of whom provided food and beverage to enhance the day for all of the garden tour attendees.


Thank you to our members:

  • Rosemary & Ben Andrews
  • Arthur & Susan HayesBette & Ross Potter
  • Doug & Kitt Fleming
  • Ed & Jacie Burnett
  • Fred & Marian Rauch
  • Ken Hunkins Jeanette Slepian
  • Diane & Fred Marshall
  • Mike & Kathy Stansell
  • Rita & Kent Smith
  • Robert & Patty Bryant
  • Stan & Darlene Sorenson
  • Barbara Bailey
  • Delyla & Richard West
  • Guy & Carolyn Glenn
  • Jim Dana & Laura Struble
  • Lucille Pierce Caughey Catherine (Kit)
  • Roberta Kennedy
  • Ilana Canale


Thank you to our sponsors:

  • Bev Arnoldy & Kelly Rupp
  • Catherine (Kit) Caughey
  • Gary & Connie Kobes
  • Katherine O’Neil
  • Ken Gollings & Rita Nicely
  • Nick & Megan Michaud
  • Richard Bills
  • Rick Carns & Linda Wilson
  • Sturges & Pam Dorrance
  • Harmony Soapworks